Nouvelle version de Gest, un émulateur GameBoy N&B/Color, dont voici les nouveautés:

-Road Rash (GBC) works again
-Otogi Banashi Tai (J) now works in SGB mode
-Work Master v1.00 – Multitask OS for Gameboy (PD) now works (better)
-added more volume to digital sound -> Hamster Paradise 3 (J)[C][!]
-fixed graphics problems:
*missing sprites,gfx trash in Hunter X Hunter – Kindan no Hihou (J)[C][!]
*status bar incorrect display in Warriors of Might and Magic (U)[C][!]
*blinking sprites in Hitoride Dekirumon – Cooking Densetsu (J)
*’glitches’ in ClassKing Yamazaki (J)[C][!], In Your Face (U) and Puyo Wars (J)

Télécharger RockNESX (Win) 2.0F (463,6 Ko)

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