dgVoodoo est un glide wrapper mais aussi un wrapper DirectDraw/Direct3D (v3 à 8) vers Direct3D11. Pour simplifier grandement, ça émule une carte 3DFX qui va pouvoir gérer la bibliothèque propriétaire Glide (Glide 2.11, Glide 2.45, Glide 3.1 et Napalm) mais également les vieilles cartes graphiques compatibles DD/D3D v1 à v8. Quel est l’intérêt ? Jouer aux anciens jeux qui fonctionnent mal sur les nouvelles cartes graphiques (parce qu’ils ont été optimisés pour le Glide ou de vieilles versions de DirectX et non pour d’autres API telles que OpenGL ou DirectX v11) ou tout simplement utiliser un émulateur qui lui aussi utilise le Glide. Cette version est destiné à Windows Vista/7/8/10 avec DirectX 11 (ou supérieur) d’installé et vous devez posséder une carte graphique (compatible DirectX Level 10.1) supportant les Shaders Model v4 ou v5.
Vous aurez besoin de ces bibliothèques pour activer certaines fonctions graphiques.
Les changements:


  • Windows input issues caused by the wrapper are fixed (Outlaws, GTA1 DDraw mode, etc.)
  • Rendering transition between Glide/DDraw is fixed (Outlaws)
  • Concept of setup application is replaced with concept of Control Panel (CPL)


  • Control Panel App:
    • Contrast as a new color adjustment option is added
    • Preserving predefined monitor color profile(s) for fullscreen mode as an option is added
    • A general option for centering the application/game window is added
    • DirectX texture filtering options are changed, possibility of forcing anisotropic filtering is introduced
    • New scaling mode with C64-like output (it’s not a feature but more like an experimenting code)
    • Visual cosmetics


  • DirectX:
    • Some of the DDraw code is guarded to avoid the unexpected worst-way DLL unloading
      Now LithTech engine games (Blood2, NOLF, Kiss Psycho Circus, …) should tolerate Alt-Tab on Win10
    • Some other extra guarding to prevent crashes, Virtua Cop2 now works in D3D mode
    • Blit bug and clipper incompatibility fixed in DDraw (D3DRM, Tokipazu, tech demo Final Reality)
    • Minor issue in DDraw and bad L6V5U5 format descriptor is fixed (Kyro tech demos)
    • Adding support for plain surface format A8L8 (DDraw) (Matrox G400 Tech Demo)
    • D3D3 fog fixed (Shadows of The Empire patched to 1.1)
    • Execute buffer bug fixed in D3D (D3DRM)
    • Some D3D5 incompatibilities are fixed (crash and texture handling with Space Bunnies Must Die)
    • Fixing D3D6 bugs and calculations of old software-only lighting and other incompatible things (DX6 SDK sample applications (Immediate/Retained) + Fog City/Tirtanium demos)
    • Unexpected way of texture compression is implemented (D3D7, Soulbringer)
    • Adding support for Q8W8V8U8 texture format (D3D8) (3DMark 2001 SE, Nature, Pixel shader and Advanced Pixel shader test)
    • D3D8 device handling bug is fixed (multimonitor environment)
    • D3D8 compatibility fixings, now handling managed textures is compatible with Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (corrupt mipmapping)
    • Issue with D3D8 device capabilities and SYSTEMMEM vertex buffers are fixed (LKCC demos)
    • D3D8 DrawIndexedPrimitive bug fixed (Syberia 2)
    • Adding support for depth buffer format D24X4S4 (D3D8) (Matrox Parhelia Reef Tech Demo)
    • Adding support for volume textures (D3D8), though with limited number of formats (Matrox Parhelia Coral Reef Tech Demo + DX8 SDK VolumeTexture sample + general)
    • Lower resource usage is partly included in this version. For the time being, only the usage of GPU accessible system memory.
    • General bugfixing, like unexpected forced windowed mode (Soulbringer movies), vertex shader (missing fog in Colin McRae Rally), non-perspective polygon drawing bug, fixed (Zanzarah The Hidden Portal), and a lot other
    • Handling depth buffers had some bugs at FL 10.0, fixed (D3D11)
    • Potential bad driving of D3D11 at FL10.1 when no resolution and MSAA is forced (D3D11) (Gorky17)
    • Some (regression and other) bugs in the D3D11 renderer are fixed
    • GeForce 4 profile is slightly modified to match a real GF4
      • Now light beams in Splinter Cell 1 should be rendered correctly through the GF4 card type (unblurred lights with occlusion)
    • 2 new videocard types are added:
      • GeForce FX 5700 Ultra (keeps the soft shadows for Splinter Cell 1 (because I like it :D) and will hopefully be feasible to provide place for new features later)
      • Matrox Parhelia-512 (for Matrox Coral Reef Demo 1.1 and other Matrox tech demos)


  • Glide:
    • Glide fix (far background in front of the 3D world: Mig29, Uprising)
    • Texture memory report is modified to match that of a real 3Dfx driver (Slave Zero)


  • Tons of code changing for new features that are not ready yet and so not included in this version


Télécharger dgVoodoo v2.73 (4.8 Mo)

Télécharger 3Dfx splash / D3D Compiler for DgVoodoo2 v4.x (3.2 Mo)

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