Advance MAME est un version non-officiel de MAME spécialement conçu pour l’affichage TV avec beaucoup d’options d’affichage, mais aucun changement niveaux émulation par rapport à la version officiel.
En voici les améliorations:

– Added a new option `sound_normalize’ which automatically increase the volume of games with a too lower one. It’s enabled by default.
– Added a new `include’ option to include additionally configuration files.
– The `display_magnify’ option has now a new `auto’ setting which automatically scale the game if it’s too small.
– Added a new set of Linux `event’ input driver for keyboards, mice and joysticks based on the Linux input-event interfaces. These drivers remove any limitations on the number of keyboards, mice and joysticks.
– The `input_map’ option now accepts the `auto’ setting which is able to map the correct input device on the correct game control.
– The `input_map’ option now can remap also all the digital inputs like keys, buttons and digital joystick.
– Improved the advk, advj and advm utilities. They now report more information on the hardware found.
– Revised the `safequit’ system. The database file is now called `event.dat’ and it has a strong error check. The options are now named `misc_eventdebug’ and `misc_eventfile’. A new set of scripts `safequit’ and `event1,2,3,4,5,6′ are now started when triggered by the event system.
– Renamed the script names removing the [] in the names.
– The Linux keyboard `raw’ driver has now a basic support to switch virtual terminal pressing ALT+Fx.
– Added a new Linux `raw’ joystick driver.
– Substituted the Linux input driver `slang’ with a new `tty’ driver which always works correctly with the advv and advcfg utility. Specifically it works when using the `fb’ video driver.
– In Linux the host configuration files are now read in /etc.
– The `-version’ option now lists the low level drivers compiled in the executable.
– The Linux version can now access hardware ports in scripts using the /dev/port interface.
– Reduced the CPU cache usage in the palette conversion.

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