Nouvelle version stable de FakeNes, un émulateur Nintendo 8 Bits, dont voici les nouveautés:

Miscellaneous changes:
Infamous ROM load memory protection crash bug fix.
Overhauled CPU emulation core.
Added x86 assembly optimized CPU core components.
Fixed branch wrap detection bug.
Added CRC calculation for PRG ROM, CHR ROM, and ROM trainers.
Added support for CPU memory space patching (raw or Game Genie w/ GUI).
Added slow (half FPS) mode.
Corrected mirroring of uneven size ROMs.
Added save state support (may not work for all supported games).
Added automatic machine state saving accurate up to every frame.
Added support for replays (currently buggy).
Altered memory map for performance.
Added exit confirmation when ROM loaded.
Significant improvements to the timing system.

Configuration changes:
Added configurable save state and Save RAM (SRAM) output path.
Configuration file and log file are now stored with the executable.
Changed Win32 configuration file to ‘fakenesw.cfg’
Fixed several input configuration bugs.

Build system & code changes:
Updated and added copyright messages.
USE_CONSOLE changed to ALLEGRO_USE_CONSOLE to solve compilation problems (Mac OS X).
Encapsulated datafile ‘fakenes.dat’ into build.
Replaced all references to `NULL’ with `NIL’ to avoid compiler conflicts.
Added object file suffixes to the build system (all platforms).
Changed binary installation location from ‘/usr/bin’ to /’usr/local/bin’ (POSIX)
Allegro compatibility fixes.
Cleaned-up, overhauled, and optimized most GUI-related code.
Added code to prevent registering conflicting digital directions in input.
Added ability to use `usleep’ instead of `yield_timeslice’ in speed throttling.

GUI changes:
Repaired all key mappings.
Various GUI dialog enhancements and fixes.
Added GUI patch manager with Game Genie support only.
Added platform-specific video driver selection menus.
Added multiple message system and input chat capabilities.
Added input configuration dialog.
Fixed various bugs related to repeated initialization of the GUI.
Added GUI messages (log file) viewer.
Added GUI toggle for the ‘swap_channels’ configuration file setting.
Added GUI audio mixing speed selection menu.
Added fast (passive) automatic blitter selection.
Fixed default palette not being selected at startup.
Improved operation of Video > Palette menu items.

Video output changes:
Added 15- and 16-bit color depth support.
Added 25% and 50% scanlines (currently very slow).
Added several new resolutions, including 512×480 (for windowed mode).
Added Super 2xSOE and Super 2xSCL anti-aliasing blitters.
Added simple interpolated blitter.
Fixed behavior of the ‘last_blit_line’ configuration file setting.
Added keys to adjust light (palette intensity) from inside the emulation.

PPU rendering changes:
Minor optimizations to background rendering.

Memory mapper support changes:
Cleaned up and extended IRQ interface.
Improved IRQ support in MMC3, MMC5, and Bandai mappers.
Fixed MMC5 IRQ generation (greatly improves many games).
Added MMC5 WRAM automatic size detection.
Minor corrections of MMC3 behavior when no CHR-ROM is present.

Audio rendering & output changes:

Changed default sampling rate to 96 kHz and buffer length to 6.

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