Cemu Gui Manager est une interface graphique pour Cemu, ajoutant pas mal de fonctionnalités.


– Now Compatible with Cemu 1.9b version
– Previous shaders and graphic packs are outdated. So not more compatible
– Added Cemu Shaders Management tools
– Added input contrlllers profiles
– Updated Graphic packs and Shaders Library for Cemu 1.8+
– Updated metadata game infos to July 2017
– Improved Mpeg Video support since Cemu 1.9 version.
– Added 3d boxes View and a basic menu
– changed file structure with lots of new options
– Improved Game search for a better scan procedure
– Added support for .bfstm files for background music
– Added a sleath Timer for real-time instructions
– Implemented speedhack plugin and sendkeys command based on internal clock
– Improved Ryzen processor support.
– Lots of other small changes and bugfixes



Télécharger Cemu GUI Manager Frontend v1.52 (24,0 Mo)

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