Cet émulateur de Nintendo64, nommé Project64 Legacy, est la suite de Project64 v1.6.0 de Jabo et Zilmar avant l’arrêt de PJ64 avec la version 1.7 Beta qui n’a jamais été rendu publique officiellement (et qui fût en partie intégrée dans PJ64 v2.x de Zilmar et dont certaines corrections de bugs et autres améliorations sur les plugins ont été intégrées dans la v1.6.1 de Jabo).


PJ64 Legacy se base donc sur la dernière version de Jabo et fait abstraction de la version 2.X. Il s’agit donc d’une nouvelle branche pour tous ceux qui veulent se rapprocher de l’émulateur d’origine et qui trouve que la version que propose Zilmar s’en éloignait trop.

Le mot de RadeonUser:
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or simply Hello for those who do not partake!
I bring you our first beta release.
We felt we had been taking too long and needed to generate some interest.
What we offer here is an improvement over PJ64 1.6 and I consider it to be our Legacy (hence the name).
We have had great support from our friends, notably Azimer for his work on his audio plugin that he has graciously allowed us to release, Icepir8 for his video plugin (I will better support it soon, I promise ice!), Witten for his always excellent work on cheats, Nekokabu who always brings insight into problems with games (I’m sorry I haven’t had the time to fix everything you’ve pointed out!).
And always a thanks to those that have stuck around, Clements, TrotterWatch, Squall but can’t fully commit anymore like they used to (Life moving on stinks!)
Of course to those that found out how to fix the problems no one else looked at, zoinkity I love your work.
Luigiblood, just wow with your work into 64DD — I’ll be visiting that library you’ve built for us at some point!
Zilmar and Jabo the original two who I’ll always love dearly.
Despite the differences we have had I cannot how any rancor towards you.
Yes I’m forgetting a whole lot of people!
Thank you all though, everyone.
Now I do have a favor to ask for anyone that uses PJ64 Legacy.
What I ask is that you please report any issues you run into!
Anything you feel is wrong or could be improved is welcome.
I must also ask for your patience.
I am programming on my leisure time and I just spent the entire Christmas holiday weekend doing nothing but programming and taking naps (I say naps but these were simply instances where I was no longer awake).
Oh, you probably want to know where the download is.
Unfortunately Gent is the one who set up this forum and website so we’ll have to wait for him in the morning to do the posts!
So until then it’s in the Downloads section under Open Beta Packages.
I’ll upload here too and I’m sure Gent will get after me in his morning for doing something wrong.
Cheers though!
Have fun everyone!
Les changements en résumé:

v1.6.1 Legacy:
R4300i core and executable
– 1.6.1 Legacy plugins
– rumble controller issue fix
– new support files position /Config
– new support files
– aleck64 Support
– new crc handling
– new features
– game fixes for DK64, Twisted Edge, Taz Express, NFL, etc
– cheat serarch function
– raw/text PC+Dissasembled RAM Dump
– fixed many gui issues for speed and compatibilty
– reduced memory usage
– transition to vs2010
– plus many many more…


Télécharger Project64 Legacy v1.6.1 Open Beta (2,4 Mo)

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