PlayNite est un gestionnaire open source de bibliothèque de jeux vidéo et un launcher avec prise en charge des bibliothèques tierces telles que Steam, GOG, Origin et Uplay. Incluant le support d’émulation de jeu et fournissant une interface unifiée pour vos jeux.

Fix: Jumplist and tray icon game list not being updated properly
Fix: Crash when Steam is not installed
New: List of Patreon contributors added into « About » menu dialog
New: List of various contributors added into « About » menu dialog
New: Show links on right-click menu #375
New: Option to close Platnite after when game is started #147
New: German localization (thanks to PhrozenByte) #347
New: French localization (thanks to ArtexJay) #343
New: Don’t add shortcuts when updating #351
New: Cover image aspect ratio configurable via theme profiles (GameCoverViewRation variable)
New: Automatically set sorting name without « The » at the start of titles #154
New: Added various help links and tooltips
New: {PlayniteDir} variable can be used in game action paths #333
Fix: Various metadata download fixes and improvements #374 #377
Fix: Updated localizations
Fix: Slow startup time with large game library
Fix: Restored Modern theme look to original 3.0 release
Fix: Leaking Chromium processes
Fix: Database path changes not visible in settings
Fix: Crash when manual metadata download fails #376
Fix: Crash when downloading metadata from igdb #370
Fix: Crash when database is not opened #369
Fix: Cannot enter spaces into game details fields #386
Fix: Auto update failing #335
Fix: Tweak database open error messaging #327



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