Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Commodore C64 en allemand et aussi en anglais.

– [issue # 117] Screen size is restored correctly when starting the Emu64. The problem was only in the Windows version.
– [issue # 119] Switching between full screen and window mode works again with Alt + Return under Ubuntu.
– [issue # 16] Video recording now possible directly from the Emu64
– TV / Video Setup – distortion is now also reset when reset to default.
– [issue # 121] When loading a PRG, it could happen that it was written across the borders of the C64 RAM.
– RESET completely removed from MOS-6569 (VICII). He has no RESET input!
– Info Window adjusted
– Build system conversion: from qmake to cmake
– [issue # 54] Setting 4: 3 at full screen is set by default.
– [issue # 87] Breakpoints are loaded correctly in the debugger.
– [issue # 131] Error loading CRT images fixed. Sams Journey is thus playable. (Score can not save yet!)
– [issue # 131] EasyFlash Logic for Write Register DE00 + DE02 taken from schematic.
– New command-line option: –data-path (specify a user-defined path for roms, floppysounds, gxf and languages.)
– New command line option: –video-capture (starts recording the C64 screen.)


Télécharger Emu64 (x86) v5.0.16 (12,6 Mo)

Télécharger Emu64 (x64) v5.0.16 (13,1 Mo)

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