Quickplay est un grand frontend multi-système incluant des fonctions avancées pour Mame, Virtual Tree, Emu-Finder, un système IPS, Mirroring de répertoire, support Zip pour les émulateurs ne le supportant pas et beaucoup d’autres choses.

– update file exts and systems dat for new users
– Many urls corrected in efinds by 8-Cyo
– added more of 8-cyo’s major updates to efinds and system file extensions
– added major efind contribs from 8-Cyo
– minor updates to RetroArch efind
– when user runs MAMEtool, remove old and boring MAME system names that might be in the users systems.dat
– make all nes and snes loader cart media calls work
-added some hardcoded choices for softlist emulators for MAME after much manual testing
– extend loader calls to deal with MAMEname conflicts between devices
– add exception list to loader calls to cope with e.g.: Thomson systems requirements
– extend loader insertions to clone systems
– add loader-insertion calls to MAME systems i.e.: where a basic cart needs calling before a floppy game
– change relationships of MAME systems: eg: Tomson series and fm8,fm7
– remove more MAME non-game system types: e.g.: card games and calculators
– refresh MAME system types e.g.: tests prove electron is more similar to bbc than atom


Télécharger QuickPlay v4.6.6 (32,8 Mo)

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