Il s’agit d’un émulateur multi-plateformes qui supporte les machines suivantes: ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL, Z88, Timex TS 2068, Sam Coupe, Pentagon 128, Chloe 140 SE, Chloe 280 SE, ZX-Uno, Prism, TBBlue/ZX, Spectrum Next, Jupiter Ace, Amstrad CPC 464.

– Added ZX-Evolution BaseConf emulation
– Added BetaDisk and TR-DOS emulation
– Added Spectrum +3 emulation
– Added Spectrum keyboard ghosting error feature
– Added ZX Spectrum Recreated keyboard support
– Added improved Spectrum 16/48/+ colour palette
– Added a fast spectrum core (with some features disabled) just for slow devices, like Raspberry Pi 1/Zero. – Now ZEsarUX is playable on RPi1/Zero again!
– Added setting to write protect IDE, MMC, ZX-Uno Flash
– Added setting to show changelog when updating emulator version
– Added actions to file utilities menu: Copy, Move, Rename
– Added setting to disable persistent writes on IDE and MMC
– Added setting to add a watermark on the display
– Added setting to reduce display to a factor of 0.75. Used on RunZX event
– Added setting to save spectrum screen to pbm file (black&white)
– Added a setting to dump ram contents to file when exiting ZEsarUX, ideal to run automatic tests
– Added setting to exit emulator after a number of seconds (–exit-after)
– Added experimental simulation of the SAA1099 audio chip from the Sam Coupe
– Added second Easter Egg 😉
– Added third Easter Egg 😉
Improved debugging:

– new enhanced debug cpu menu: view TV electron position on screen, new default view, cursor, toggle breakpoints, run to cursor, change registers, and a lot more…
– added cpu-step-over function on debug menu (was already available from ZRCP)
– added function to write byte to file on ZEsarUX hardware debug ports
Improved ZRCP:

– run command is stopped by default when pressing a key (or sending data to the socket)
– when a breakpoint is fired on cpu-step-mode, the breakpoint condition is shown on ZRCP
Improved joystick support:

– added joystick test menu
– buttons to events and buttons to joystick configuration are saved on configuration file
Improved OSD keyboard:

– now you can press up to all 40 keys (on Spectrum/ZX80/ZX81) at the same time
– now it can be opened from any place (needs multitask on)
Improved QL emulation:

– experimental support of LOAD, LRUN command
– can now open qlay mdv microdrive image files
Improved file viewer from file utilities:

– specific file viewers for these kind of files: .tap, .zx, .zsf, .sp, .z80, .sna, .spg, .p, .o, .mmc/.ide (fat browser, plus3dos browser), .dsk, .trd, .tzx, .cdt, .flash (zxuno flash, z88 flash, superupgrade flash), .epr, .eprom
– default hexadecimal file viewer for unknown files
– conversion utility
Improved TSConf emulation:

– added TSConf DMA, line interrupt, sprites layers
– TSConf rendering: now tiles and sprites are drawn per scanline. Border drawing. Handling of scroll registers
– TSConf debugging: debug for DMA, Video registers, Video layers, Sprites, Tiles
– added TR-DOS emulation support
Improved menu interface:

– emulated machine display is no longer faded or switched to black & white when opening menu. There were different visual glitches due to this feature
– a new « tabbed » menus to improve usability and interaction with mouse, joystick and stdout driver: waveform, visualmem, ay player
– Character width can be reduced to 7,6 or 5 pixels width
– added a setting to limit menu event: enabling it you should press the menu key 3 times in a second to open the menu
– added a setting to hide directories from file selector menus, useful when you don’t want the user to be able to navigate the filesystem
– Smartload: now the cursor remembers last file loaded
– added two more GUI styles: Clean and CleanInverse
Improved sprite viewer:

– now can see sprites with speccy screen format
– you can view sprites up to 512×192
– you can see tsconf sprites
– you can see pseudo hires zx81 screens
Improved TBBlue emulation:

– Added clip window registers
– Added Copper
– Added almost all next extended opcodes
– Added a setting to start TBBlue directly to a 48 rom but with all the Next features enabled, useful for fast snapshot loading
– Improved AY Player: now shows waveform volume meter
– Improved VU meters with decay effect on AY Player, AY Registers and Waveform
– Improved text mode drivers (aalib, stdout, simpletext, curses): text settings are in different submenu, setting to set stdout/simpletext fps
– Improved messages windows. You can now have an internal clipboard, press key c to copy to it. Press P on file utils to paste contents to a file
– Improved frameskip: better performance, because realvideo buffer is not updated when frameskip
– Improved sound: Silence detector activated by default but can be disabled
– Improved top speed: loading sound is distorted when setting top speed
– Improved autoload: new setting to run at top speed the reset+load » » process
– Improved real tape loading: now it shows a percentage of tape loaded
– Improved default configuration: when the configuration file doesn’t exist, the new one has the autosave configuration setting enabled
– Improved configuration parsing: if unknown setting found on configuration file, ZEsarUX will open but warns about the error, and the autosave feature is not enabled
– Improved rendering on text mode drivers: now realvideo mode can render directly to black&white text. Try – TSConf with –vo stdout –realvideo –autoredrawstdout
– Improved Linux library dependencies: libssl is not enabled by default on compilation
Fixed ZX-Uno emulation:

128kb timings are the same as a Spectrum 128k. When port 1ffd enabled, port FF return FF
Kempston port returns 0 when no kempston selected. New BIOS can be used now

– Fixed TBBlue MMU when using segment 0000-3FFFH
– Fixed Raster interrupts on ZX-Uno and TBBlue. Horizontal raster position was wrong
– Fixed window footer when running Pentagon
– Fixed panic screen: now it is shown on all machines. New design. I hope you never see it 😉
– Fixed some crashes with speech enabled and opening some menus: AY Registers, AY Player, etc…
– Fixed annoying sound on Dandanator rom menu
– Fixed bug on Z80 cpu core, iff2 was not being reset to 0 when firing an interrupt, so reading it by using LD A,R and LD A,I affected many demos
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


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