Il s’agit d’un excellent émulateur Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS / DSi et Pocket Station.

NO$GBA comme No Cash GBA est un émulateur Nintendo DS / DSi / DS Lite et bien sûr GameBoy Advance, pour Windows XP, Vindows Vista/7/8/10 ou MS-DOS (pour la version DOS). Les options incluent tous les types de sauvegardes et la lecture de multiples cartouches. NoGBA supporte le multiplayer & est capable de charger plusieurs roms NDS pour « linker » les jeux. Le multiplayer pour GBA est également supporté.


Les changements sont:
– webpage: added credit card payment option – plz send money if you like my work
– dsi/exploit: released unlaunch.dsi (first ever released dsi bootcode exploit)
– utility/upload: added dslink-compatible wifi upload function (nds/dsi only)
– utility/upload: wifiboot 2.1 dslink-clone (proper cache init/initback)
– utility/upload: wifiboot 2.0 dslink-clone (dwm-w024 and arm7i/arm9i areas)
– dsi/emu/cartloader/help: takes WRAMCNT from MSBs of MBK9 entry in cartheader
– dsi/emu: mirrors read-only SCFG_EXT7 bits from SCFG_EXT9 and vice-versa
– arm/cpu/help: notes on cache clean vs invalidate and cache-write-bufferability
– dsi/help: added caution of forward references in Device List structure
– dsi/cartloader: rejects large modcrypt areas (eg. crypt.size>arm7i.size)
– dsi/cartloader: supports small modcrypt areas (eg. crypt.start>arm7i.start)
– dsi/modcrypt/help: added notes of several weird modcrypt corner cases
– arm/debug: I/O map cpmem9 shows PU dc/cc/wb (data/code cache and wbufferable)
– spi/powerman: emulates dslite/dsi registers: powerman[4] and powerman[10h]
– dsi/korea/help: notes korean font file (diff names, crisp clear, less tiles)
– dsi/korea/help: korean firmware version numbering as in china, 1.4.6 is newest
– dsi/help: added note on smaller cert.sys files (for korea or before dsi-shop?)
– dsi/wifi/emu: emulates sdio cmd5,cmd3,cmd7,cmd15 and reset_control.bit8
– nds/wifi/help: added description for 48080DAh W_RX_LEN_CROP register
– dsi/wifi/help: sdio init via cmd5,cmd3,cmd7,cmd15, rtc.fout, scfg/gpio etc
– dsi/wifi/help: added sdio pins on daughterboard and pinout for ar6013g chip
– dsi/sdmmc/help: described 40048F6h (bit0 = SD_WRPROTECT_2 for eMMC chip)
– dsi/scfg/help: details on scfg_ext7 and scfg_a7rom, updated mbk chapter
– dsi/scfg/emu: emulates scfg_ext7 and scfg_a7rom access right bits
– dsi/scfg/emu: emulates arm9.mbk1-5 writes in respect to arm7.mbk9 setting
– dsi/emu: removed most in_32 notyet warnings, added more out_xx notyet warnings
– dsi/mmc/emu: warning if .mmc file without footer (need CID and Console ID)
– dsi/help: added notes on bits in SCFG_A9ROM/A7ROM being set-once bits
– dsi/wifi/help: described 4004C04h.bit8 needed for DWM-W024 in NDS-wifi mode
– dsi/sdmmc/help: notes on SEND_OP_COND, and on ALL_GET_CID vs max CARD_CLK_CTL
– dsi/exploits/help: added some notes on recently released exploits and tools
– dsi/biosdumping/help: notes on voltage errors and CE2 idea from dark_samus
– dsi/help: added info on valid ARM9+ARM7+ARM9i+ARM7i areas for NDS and DSi mode
– dsi/help: added info on RSA signatures for newer non-whitelisted NDS carts
– dsi/carthdr/help: added notes on Access Control entry (request AES keys)
– dsi/carthdr/help: digest, modcrypt, twl-total can be ZERO (optional entries)
– dsi/sdmmc: added provisions for SDHC emulation, filesys viewer supports FAT32
– arm9/emu: allows exception vectors at 00000000h or FFFF0000h (thanks dave)
– dsi/help: added details on ECC keys/certificates (using ECC curve sect233r1)
– carthdr/help: added some more cart headers entries for dsi (and nds with rsa)
– help: specs for DSi RTC extras (up counter, alarm date, and FOUT selection)
– debug/elf: processes/skips dwarf4/dwarf5 DW_FORM tags (for homebrew PSX games)


Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Dos) v2.9c (201,8 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v2.9c (206,6 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Debug version / Windows) v2.9c (1,0 Mo)

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