Il s’agit d’un excellent émulateur de GameBoy/Color sous Windows.


– Added ability to play GBC games in GBA « backward compatibility mode ».
– Use -gba in VGB-Unix to enable GBA compatibility mode.
– Use « Hardware | GameBoy Model | GameBoy Advance » in VGB-Windows.
– Added ability to browse through paused replay.
– During replay, press [LEFT] and [RIGHT] keys to browse.
– Press [UP] to resume replay, any other key to continue.
– Press any other button to continue playing.
– Made replay save states approximately every 170ms.
– Made replay code always return « replay-ended » when replay ended.
– Made WaitJoystick() exit when window closed.


Télécharger VGB (Windows) v5.6 (203,9 Ko)

Télécharger VGB (Français) v5.4 (221,2 Ko)

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