BlastEm a pour objectif d’être un émulateur Genesis extrêmement précis tout en fonctionnant sur du matériel relativement modeste en utilisant des techniques de pointe.


Les changements sont les suivants:
New Features
– Zipped and gzipped SMD ROMs are now supported
– Gain control for overall volume and FM/PSG invidually
Accuracy/Completeness Improvements
– Fixed timing of a few instructions in Z80 core
– Added optional emulation of YM2612 imperfections (aka « ladder effect »)
– Fixed some unintentional extra precision in some FM LFO calculations
– Added a 1 sample delay in some FM operator results when used as modulators to match hardware
– Fixed regression in NBA JAM TE and possibly other 32MBit Acclaim mapper titles
– Added code to handle controllers that have their d-pads mapped as buttons or axes
– Removed some problematic SDL2 game controller mappings
– Fixed crash that occurred when releasing mouse too clickly when loading a ROM
– Fixed SMD ROM support
– Fixed handling of audio contexts with more or less than 2 channels
– Fixed off-by-one error in IO device selection UI
– Fixed regression in GDB remote debugging support on Linux and OS X
Other Changes
– MegaWiFi hardware can now be enabled by a header string (still gated by config)
– Tweaked the style of checkboxes in the Nuklear UI to hopefully make the on/off state more clear


Télécharger BlastEM v0.6.2 (2.5 Mo)

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