MedGui Reborn est une interface (Frontend) pour Mednafen sur OS Windows. Cette archive inclut MetroMed.

– Added support to .bps patch by flips.exe (
– Work around to fix crash when def Mednafen path are changed by user
– Added a button to reset all Mednafen path to default
– Added a button to reset all Mednafen bioses path to default
– Released memory usage after populating rom grid
– Fixed broken _lib audio download in any cases on Modland scraper
– Added a workaround for Antarctica module server download
– Added conversion of psx PBP file into a generic iso format by Coldbird Popstation Mod V2.21 (
– Solved a random exception on bitmap draw icon console
– Reduced a lot the loading of prescanned rom
– Fixed wrong Sega Saturn bios name
– Added message for undetected game hash on cheat manager
– Added customizable game grid aspect (colours, font and size)


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