Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de SuperNes.


Les changements:
– This release brings in a 25% speed increase
– optional frameskipping during fast forward (allowing an additional 33% max frame rate)
– official HD mode 7 support
– SameBoy integration for 60% faster and more accurate Super Game Boy emulation
– software filter support (snes_ntsc, HQ2x, Eagle, scanlines, etc)
– the return of mightymo’s integrated cheat code database
– cheat search support, movie recording and playback support
– rewind support
– cubic audio interpolation
– 7-zip decompression support
– ExLoROM board mapping support
– adaptive sync support for OpenGL and greatly improved macOS support.
– And if that’s not enough, there’s also true pixel-perfect ZSNES snow effect emulation … seriously!

Des builds automatiques sont disponibles ici.


Télécharger bsnes (64 bits) v115 (4.2 Mo)

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