Advance MAME est une version non-officielle de MAME spécialement conçue pour l’affichage. Elle gère les écrans d’arcade, les sorties TV, ainsi que les écrans normaux. C’est la version parfaite pour avoir un affichage authentique (pas de flou). Elle apporte également quelques plus coté émulation, touches programmables, anti-quit intelligent, rip video et son, etc…

Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

* Added a new `help’ button which display an arbitrary image with the player buttons highlighted. You can customize the image and the keys/buttons highlight with the options `ui_helptag’ and `ui_helpimage’. The default key is F1.
* Added a new `cocktail’ button which flip the game screen for a cocktail monitor. The default key is the slash on the keypad.
* A new MAME like user interface completely independent of the MAME core.
This interface doesn’t have applied the same video effects of the game, it isn’t limited on the game area, it isn’t recorded on video clips and you can customize the font.
* Removed the .cfg file support. All the input customizations are now saved in the .rc file.
* The frame skipping algorithm try now to get the correct speed of the game also if it imply a waste of CPU time.
* Fixed the screen position on games with a moving display area.
For example invaders in cocktail mode.
* The exit menu is always displayed if the `safequit’ function is enabled and the `event.dat’ file is missing or it doesn’t contain information of the game. You can disable it with the option `misc_safequit no’.
* The DOS version should now restore correctly the video mode at the program exit.
* Fixed the mouse support with the SVGALIB driver.

De même Advance Menu, le front end d’Advance Mame, est dispo dans une nouvelle version:

* Removed the MAME .cfg support. AdvanceMAME doesn’t use them anymore.
* The DOS version should now restore correctly the video mode at the program exit.

Télécharger TRWin (Français) 2.36 WIP (117,3 Ko)

Télécharger Ultra64 v0.001a (47,1 Ko)

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