Cet émulateur est également le plus complet des outils de développements X68000 existant aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un fork de l’émulateur XM6 v2.05 de PI avec une pléthore de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Les changements sont pour la plupart liés à l’interface utilisateur et un accent a été mis sur le développement et les fonctions de débogage plutôt que sur l’exactitude de l’émulation, cependant il y a suffisamment d’améliorations pour qu’il soit recommandé d’utiliser cette version plutôt que XM6 v2.06 finale.


Les changements:
– Many of the floppy panes in the status bar now have user interface
functions utilizing the mouse. Consult the manual for details.
– Files can now be dragged and dropped onto the status bar, too.
– If the same file is being inserted into both drives with Ctrl-Alt-I, it will
now attempt to insert the second disk (if available) into the second drive.
– Holding Control while selecting an item from a floppy disk MRU menu will now
cause the corresponding disk image to be inserted into both floppy drives.
– Added a menu command to fill a range of memory with an 8-bit value.
– Added menu keyboard mnemonics (A – P) for multi-disk files. There are conflicts.
Bug fixes:
-The mouse wasn’t unblanking in the full-screen status area.
-The mouse would never unblank while a menu opened with the Alt key was active.
– Fixed a few minor concurrency issues.
– Saving state with the keyboard in Game Mode could cause accelerator keys
to get saved to the file in the depressed state.
– In order to avoid sending extraneous key presses to the emulated X68000,
keyboard input is now ignored for a fraction of a second whenever menus
and dialogs close, with a few minor exceptions.


Télécharger XM6 Pro-68k Release 19 (200308) (1.1 Mo)

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