Une nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur Dos pour PC est sortie, avec de nombreuses améliorations :

– Added a beta dynamic cpu for x86 hosts (very unstable)
– Added opengl and hardware overlay display output
– Rewrote the vga screen updates to go in lines
– Added paging and v86 support to cpu emulation
– Added a config option to simulate a certain type of machine
– Added hercules graphics emulation
– Made CGA/TANDY modes more compatible
– Updated textmode drawing routines to support blinking colors
– Fixed VESA set page function that was documented wrong
– Fixed some wrongly emulated cpu opcodes.
– improved exception handling
– debugger: fixes; logging of gdt,lgt,idt, new commands(Fizzban)
– fixed some mscdex issues (drive letter header error, added get directory entry)
– added/fixed some bios funcs
– added some rarely used xms functions (thanks c2woody!)
– implemented GUS emulation
– Added 16-bit DMA support (for GUS and eventually SB16)
– Fixed many small bugs in filehandling routines
– Many small FPU fixes (c2woody/Fizzban)
– Some keyboard improvements (pharlab games)
– Some Timer and cmos/rtc fixes (Mirek/Srecko/Others)
– Lot’s of mouse fixes (Help from various people)
– Enabled internal modem
– Made the DOS parsing routines a bit more flexible
– Added Subst (Srecko)
– Added cdrom ioctl support for linux (prompt)
– Many internal DOS fixes: memory/files/datastructures.
– Got some help from c2woody in allowing more than 1 irq being served
– Disabled DPMI (not needed anymore. DOSBox handles almost every extender)
– Search configfile in $HOME directory if none present in current directory
– Added another way to switch to protected mode. (Thanks Morten Eriksen!)
– Fixed some odd badly documented behaviour with PSP/DTA
– Added some warnings on opening of readonly files in writemode(DOS default).
– Many shell enhanchements
– Fixed a win32 specific bug dealing with filenames starting with a « . »
– Fixed some bugs with the directory structure: not found/can’t save errors

Note: l’archive n’est pas un installer mais un 7-zip auto-extractible.

Télécharger DOSBox v0.74-2 (1,4 Mo)

DOSBOX, a x86 emulator with DOS

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