Nouvelle update pour Mame réalisé par haze, les améliorations sont les suivantes:

General Source Changes

Big 80s Namco Update [Nicola Salmoria]

this affects the first Namco games that used custom I/O chips.
– these files are no longer needed and should be removed: drivers/bosco.c,
drivers/xevious.c, drivers/digdug.c, machine/digdug.c, machine/galaga.c,
machine/bosco.c, machine/polepos.c, sndhrdw/bosco.c
– added three new sound chips: NAMCO_15XX, NAMCO_52XX, NAMCO_54XX, and
changed drivers to use them (NAMCO_54XX is just a placeholder playing
samples, until the chip is reverse engineered).
– MAME testers bugs fixed: digdug063gre, galaga057gre, bosco071u2gre,
– added EAROM support to digdug
– fixed the polepos2 title screen which had been broken since day 1, strange
that nobody noticed.
– fixed various mistakes in the polepos ROM loading (one missing speech ROM
in polepos, polepos2 was using the wrong engine sound ROMs (it’s turbo!),
added missing vertical scaling PROMs).
– extensive documentation of ROM names and placement, and differences
between Namco and licensed versions.
– converted all drivers to tilemaps, and made gfx emulation more accurate
according to schematics
– polepos sprite zooming should now be closer to the hardware.
– IP_KEY_PREVIOUS and IP_JOY_PREVIOUS are no longer used by any driver: they
may be removed from the core.
– support for start lamps, coin counters and coin lockout (all internallyhandled by the custom I/O chip)
– toggling the test switch while the game is running enters test mode without need to manually reset.
– found and documented test mode Easter eggs in all games except Xevious.
– bosconian now uses a different sound PROM, which seems more correct.
– galaga uses better dumps of the PROMs, with the unused top 4 bits set to 0.
– correct handling of 52XX sample start/end pointers in ROM.
– better emulation of 50XX custom, no more need for hacks in bosconian.
– swapped digdug and digdugb, the main set should be the newer one.
– removed these galaga clones: nebulbee (copyright/name change), galagab2 (mix ‘n match of ROMs from other sets), galaga84 (copyright/gfx change), galagads (1-byte hack to get fast shoot, reproducible with this line in cheat.dat: galaga:1:070D:0D:100:Fast Shoot)
– added Galaga rev. B, which is now the main set, renamed the other galagao.
– added galagamk, a different Midway version.
– removed various bad dumps from polepos2b and poleps2c, they turned out to be the same version so poleps2c is removed.
– drivers/locomotn.c is no longer needed and should be removed
– converted to tilemaps, consolidated as much as I could
– fixed: jungler37b3gre
– correct tile/sprite priority handling (also in Bosconian)
– documented the Easter egg in Rally X
– added starfield in Tactician
– fixed the RC filter control in the games with Konami sound

Big Namco NB1 update [Phil Stroffolino]
Various improvements for System NB emulation, including:
– new driver: Greatest Slugger ’93 (Japan)
– hardware shadow support (used heavily in Greatest Slugger)
– dedicated random number generator chip
– sprite stretch glitch (affects Outfoxies intro)
– tilemap tile banking feature (used by Mach Breakers)
– removed several game-specific hacks; now uses dedicated CPU registers for interrupts
– preliminary support for screen blanking (hides garbage in Outfoxies)
– proper POSIRQ handling, for scanline effects. Fixes the water effects in Outfoxies. This same feature needs to be folded into System 2 emulation, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
– various Mach Breaker-specific hacks for interpretting the ROZ layer registers; these aren’t yet fully understood. In particular, the « Monster Pull » stage is missing a « 3d floor. »

Changes should fix mametesters bugs:
machbrkr068gre, nebulray066gre, ptblank056gre, sws9637b16yel

Fixed a bug with AM_SHARE [Aaron Giles]
Various PSX file updates / cleanups [smf]
VSNes Filename Fixes [chaneman]
Updated Hard Drivin’ driver and fixed Steel Talons / HD Airborne again [Aaron Giles]

Various Fixes [CUrt Coder]
problems created when pacland was converted to tilemaps
converted Jackal to tilemaps
fixed guardians of the hood p3 controls
fixed heat barrel dips
fixed shot rider dips
fixed firebattle dips
updated docastle.c memory maps
added MSM5205 to idsoccer

Cleaned up / Merged various Atari drivers [Aaron Giles]
(clayshoo.c, cloak.c, cloud9.c, copsnrob.c, cyberbal.c, destroyr.c, eprom.c
fastfred.c, firetrk.c, flyball.c, foodf.c)

Protection fix for Sonic Arcade [Roger Sanders]
(still crashes due to video emulation bug)

Misc Fixes [Nathan Woods]
– Minor timing enhancements, and changed a few indexing modes to be illegal

– Renamed CPU_CP1600 to CPU_CP1610

– Enhancements to the K051649 sound system

Fixed sspirits dips [B.S.Ruggeri]
Fixed Mortal Kombat damage that was broken in .79 [Aaron Giles]
Simulated Sound in Super Slam [Quench]
Fixed ‘bad colour RAM’ error in hyrda / pitfight [Aaron Giles]
‘Fixed’ escape kids so it boots again [Aaron Giles]
Support for CPU-specific internal memory maps [Aaron Giles]
Reverted RF5c68 to old version [R.Belmont]
Fixed outrundx sound (was checking for outrunp) [Santeri Saarimaa]

New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Drivers Edge [Aaron Giles]
Varia Metal [David Haywood] – no sound, soTime Pilot (Atari license) [Chris Hardy]
Battle Garegga (older Hong Kong version) [Brian Troha]
Atari Tetris (bootleg set 2) [Kevin Eshbach]
Martial Champion (US UAD version) [R.Belmont]
Quiz 365 (Japan) [Luca Elia]
Kung Fu Taikun (alt) [Taucher]
Fever SOS
Sorcer Striker (alt dump) [Brian Troha] (one dump migh be bad)
Space Fever (color set 2, b&w set 2) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Liberation (bootleg) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

New Non-Working games / clones supported

Double Cheese [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Talbot [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
me gfx issues
Mahjong Electron Base [Luca Elia, yong]
Mahjong Neruton Haikujirada [Luca Elia]
Space Launcher [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Bulls Eye Darts [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] – colour problems

New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Les builds seront disponibles d’ici ce soir.

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