RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro et plus accessible.


Requirement : .net framework 4, windows xp to windows 10
The 4.0 branch will be the last version compatible with windows XP (<3% of romcenter users are on xp). 4.1 branch will use a modern framework (4.6 or 4.7) which will allow powerfull language features. Also, I'm testing a 64 bit version, which hopefully will solve memory problems.


Les changements depuis la v4.01:
This special version includes more than 150 updates and fix in the engine, and a major refactoring to prepare the future 64b and .net core version. v4.1 is the last XP compatible version.

Here are the main changes:
– Update database core to v3
– Add ’empty games’ filter button in view toolbar


– Add ‘folder’ in preferred format setting


– Display expected folder in files view for uncompressed files.


– Keep same path displayed after path refresh
– Fix ‘nodump’ devices problem
– Fix operations are faster
– Fix and improve gfix command for clean up db.
– Fix bad type for device rom
– Fix crash when a unique operation is done on more than 1500 items
– Fix max thread limit handler
– Fix fields validation on global settings page
– Fix empty paths in settings on new install
– Catch more 7zip exception
– Improve operation cancellation
– Improve moving rom
– Improve files and rom deletion
– Tune database configuration to improve speed.
– Update 7z library
– Update zip library
– Update 32 machines datafiles generated from mame 226


Télécharger RomCenter v4.1.0 (17.5 Mo)

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