Il s’agit d’un émulateur de calculatrice TI-Nspire basé sur Nspire Emu de Goplat.
Il prend en charge l’émulation des calculatrices Touchpad, CX CAS et CX.
Les CX/CX CAS II T ne sont pas encore pris en charge.
Également disponible pour Android, iOS, Linux et MacOS.

New features:
– UI language can be switched
– The debugger has a command history, press Up and Down arrow keys
– On Android, the system file picker is used now, which fixes « Could not start the emulation » in many cases
– The color scheme follows the system now
– Improved performance of CX flash access by ignoring certain cache flush requests

– LCD can be resized freely now
– Performance improvements for the ARM and AArch64 JITs
– Supports macOS 10.15 Catalina
– The Android APK includes arm64-v8a now
– The Windows ZIP includes software OpenGL now, so should work on more systems

– Fix the external LCD sometimes being invisible
– Allows building with recent versions of the Android NDK with clang
– Does not crash on exit due to use of incompatible compile flags with GCC
– Android devices with a lower w/h ratio are marked as supported now
– firebird-send supports different implementations of netcat now
– GDB and remote debugger work after emulation autostart as well
– Moving the cursor over keypad buttons no longer clicks
– On Windows, the filename for snapshots can now include non-ASCII characters
– Fix crash on emulation start on certain x86-64 systems
– Fix freeze on exit on JIT builds for the iOS version


Télécharger Firebird Emu v1.5 (32.0 Mo)

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