Créé par Shima, SSF est l’un des meilleurs émulateurs Saturn. Il fut le premier à émuler des jeux commerciaux.

– R20 intends to make only minor modifications
– Schedule undecided
– Oh, I made GPU rendering the default
– Since the number of software whose drawing is suspicious in GPU rendering has become very small …
– Only some software, such as The Tower, requires software rendering
– R20 will change the default settings … maybe
– I feel that the number of software that works with the default settings has decreased from R18 …
– The timing of R18 is different from that of the actual machine, and I want to think that R19 is closer to the timing of the actual machine.
– That’s why it stopped working with the default settings …
– If the behavior is suspicious,
– Try setting WorkRAMH Read Wait to 1
– Try setting WorkRAMH Write Wait to 0
– It seems that it often works when you play with WorkRAMH Read / Write Wait.
– If that doesn’t work, try turning on SH2 Cache.
Raise CD Task Per Second (up to about 20000)
– Somes fixes


Notez que le plus admirable en 20ans, c’est que l’émulateur a enfin un vrai « site » via github (non vous trouverez pas le code source, faut pas trop demander^^), fini les pages obscures qui changeaient régulièrement 🙂

Télécharger SSF v0.12 PreviewVer R27 (41.6 Mo)

Télécharger SSF (Français) v0.12 PreviewVer R26 (46.5 Mo)

Site Officiel

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