Il s’agit d’un frontend (interface) pour l’émulateur multi-systèmes Mednafen. Vous aurez besoin du module GTK+ pour le faire fonctionner.
– Added support for gamepad navigation through game list.
– Fix Gen/MD 6-buttons controller input mapping.
– [Windows] Fix issues when non-ASCII characters are used in paths.
– [Windows] Add an option to allow larger fonts for game list.
– [Windows] Add dark variants for themes.
– [Windows] Fix failure to find configuration inside bin/ or lib/ folders (patch by mayawarrier).
– [Linux] Fix joystick support on 32 bits (patch by not-a-user).
– [Linux] Flatpak is available on Flathub (thanks to GabMus and hfiguiere for the help).


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