Il s’agit d’une nouvelle version de Fightcade qui utilise des émulateurs à jour + GGPO pour le netplay. Celui-ci est basé sur la version originale de GGPO mais avec quelques améliorations.
Les émulateurs pris en charges sont:
– Fightcade FBNeo (dernière version, GGPO)
– Fightcade FBA (ancienne version, GGPO)
– Fightcade SNES9X (GGPO)
– NullDC
– Flycast

Les changements depuis la version 2.1.20 sont:

Fightcade v2.1.29
- Improved SteamDeck compatibility: use built-in Proton instead of Wine
- Revamped search page, easier to browse categoreis or popular/featured games at a quick glance
- Favorites now accessible through search page, with filters available to everyone
FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-48
- New generic SOCD cleaner for all games (hitbox style: DOWN+UP=UP, LEFT+RIGHT=NEUTRAL)
- Games added: dinore drmariot ffightjh kof97cbt lastbladsp md_sor2sfv1 md_sor2sfv2 md_sor2sfv3 md_sor2sfv4 md_telehugs mslugunity nes_kartfighter nes_skartfighter samsho2sp samsho4sp ssf2xjr1trn
- Games updated: teot(beta4) sfz3mix(0.12) md_smsbrawl
- Games fixed (CRCs/Tags): brkrevext cybotsam hsf2pp marmatcp mshbh mslug5x msvsfbh mvscbh sfa3aism sfa3sp2 sfiii4n vampjbh vsavae wakuwak7bh xmcotabh
- Updated savestates: bloodstm cleopatr
- New savestates: kof2000otc kof97inv kof99rp2f kof99sr puchicar sfa2uhc sfa3xl sfz2adl
- New detectors: palamed pbobblen pbobbl2n pbobble3 pbobble4j nes_skartfighter
- Updated detectors: nes_joymechfight 
- Fixed P1/P2 bindings for online play: nmg5 pclubys
- Updated localisations: japanese portuguese
- Save the name of the person who won the last game to overlay files (winner.txt)
- Fixed "Restore full state on load" toggle in UI
- Training mode: fixes and improvements for ssf2xjr1, added umk3
Flycast Dojo 0.4.53
- NAOMI 2 Support! (Thank you @flyinghead!)
- Chat Window Timeout: Chat window now automatically closes 10 seconds after last received message if not opened manually
- Replays: Fix Multithreaded Frame Stepping
- Replays: Fix Multithreaded Stream Buffer Unpause
- Replays/Training: Fix Unintentional Slow Motion after multiple steps
- Training: Disable Multithreaded Frame Step
- Fix Training Mode Input Display Race Condition
- Training Mode Input Display: Limit Input Backlog to 60
- Training: Fix Random Playback crash when no input slots are recorded.
- Restore Launch Game button when netplay savestate is not found
- New NAOMI 2 lobbies: flycast_vf4 flycast_vf4evo flycast_vf4tuned flycast_beachspi flycast_vstrik3
- New Dreamcast lobbies: flycast_dc_aerowings flycast_dc_aerowings2 flycast_dc_nflblitz2000 flycast_dc_ggram2 flycast_dc_gram2000 flycast_dc_ufc flycast_dc_ecwhr flycast_dc_ecwar flycast_dc_wwfa flycast_dc_wwfrr
- Merged upstream Flycast changes



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