MAME32FX est basé sur le code source de MAME/MAME32, emprunte des améliorations à de nombreux builds non officiaux (en vrac : StretchMAME, JMAME, RND, AdvanceMAME, CANAME, WHACK…).

Updated to MAME 0.81u7 – MAME32 0.81

– Adjusted volume in X-Men and clones.
– Adjusted Z80 CPU frequency to 8 MHz in X-Men and clones.
– Corrected resolution to 304×224 in X-Men and clones.
– Disabled ASM 68000 core.
– Updated MAME32FX features page.

NOTE: It’s recommended that you delete your XMEN.CFG file (also XMEN2P.CFG and/or XMEN2PJ.CFG if you use the clones) to be sure that before you start the game the new settings apply correctly.

Télécharger Ti99w 4.2c (2,0 Mo)

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