Nouveau build de cet émulateur Nintendo Famicom/NES :

– Fixed a typo in sound.c that caused only part of the sound registers to be saved in save states.

Win32: Switched over to the DirectDraw7 interface, from DirectDraw4’s. The surface Flip() method will now block, which results in somewhat smoother animation/scrolling with double buffering, especially when combined with the auto blit-skip implemented in 0.98.6 when sound is enabled.

– Win32: Undid a change made in the last release that limited the speed of fast-forwarding when using the tilde key. I really do need to implement some sort of unified timing/blit skip system…

– Win32: Added an option, disabled by default, to ask for confirmation before exiting FCE Ultra.

– Win32: Added an option, enabled by default, to disable the system screen saver while a game is loaded.

– Win32: Added a new video synchronization mode, a « lazy » wait for vblank/vertical retrace. It calls Sleep(0) in its wait loop. This still uses all available cpu cycles, but it is much more friendly to other processes than the old-style wait for vblank.

– Win32: Added support for joystick POV hats.

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