blueMSX est (encore) un nouvel émulateur MSX basé sur le projet « fMSX » de Mr. Marat Fayzullin. blueMSX est développé par Daniel Vik. Le but de blueMSX, est clairement d’améliorer le confort de l’émulation.

Yet another huge update!!! With version 1.4.0 comes a real trip to paradise for MSX music fans ! Implementation of Moonsound completes the support of other sound chips (PSG, SCC, MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO) in excellent stereo ! The « first in the scene » implemention of new Koei megarom mapper.

– Moonsound support
– added a new megarom mapper : blueMSX is the first emulator to correctly support KOEI roms with 8kB and 32kB SRAM.
– improved support of all games with SRAM
– correct overscan behaviour (Matra games, Unknown Reality)
– version control in savestate (to make saved states backwards compatible and avoid errors when loading old states)
– additions to the internal rom database
– changed emulation of special keys of Japanese MSX keyboard
– fixed bug in mouse buttons emulation
– fixed bug in screen 0 width 80
– fixed bug about sprite collision and drawing in screen 1-3
– fixed bug in cassette read only mode
– fixed bug in save state (audio chip was not saved)
– fixed bugs in translations and menu

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