Il s’agit de ArcCabView mais destiné à MAME et réalisé par Aubrel pour afficher votre jeu (presque tous vos jeux) comme vous le souhaitez.

C’est pour simplifié la conversion de ArcCabView Reshade vers bgfx (basé sur CRTGeom Deluxe de cgwg).


Voici les nouveautés:
– aperture mask code changed to match the grill and to look like our Reshade’s Shader
– support for 2×2 and 1×1 slot mask textures (auto switch)
– native frame display support (with and without curvature)
– screen reflection on frame added
– frame size setting added (so you can change the frame image and resize according to the new one)
– curvature without CRT effect added
– better overscan support and offsets support added (so now you can resize and crop your games correctly 🙂
– many settings and details improved
– native overlay image support added (from 1.1 the overlay image alpha value is exponential)
– improved brightness and black dots render (1.1)
– halation effect improved to catch the screen dots and to look more realistic (1.1)
– big performance improvement (1.2)
– brightness, contrast, halation, reflection and overlay adjustements (1.2a)
– half-curv & half-frame added for 2 screens games (1.3)
– small typo in reflexion code fixed, curvature effect settings slightly reduced (1.4)
– moire effect reduced, frame reflection contrast improved (1.4a)
– many things rewritten from scratch, many small issues fixed (2.0)
– even more performance improvements (2.0)
– the overall display result should be improved (2.0)
– the previous annoying moire effect issue should be now fully fixed (2.0)
– the mask texture 1×1 is now used by default (2.0)
– many default settings updated and improved (2.0)
– CRT brightness increased (2.0a)

– BGFX Chains presets :
– « ArcCabView_Mask2 » : it adds an alternate pixel effect (to use only with low-res games or with High-Res screens)
– « ArcCabView_ResX2 » : it doubles the horizontal resolution and adds the alternate pixel effect (to use only with low-res games or with big High-Res screens)
– « ArcCabView_Flat » : it removes the curvature, the raster-bloom effect and the frame (good to use with multi-screens games)
– « ArcCabView_NoCurv » : it removes the curvature effect
– « ArcCabView_NoFrame » : it removes the screen frame
– « ArcCabView_NoCRT » : it removes the CRT effect and the overlay (but the curvature, and the frame are still enabled)
– « ArcCabView_HalfLeft,ArcCabView_HalfRight » : for 2 screens games, it will do half-curv and half-frame on each screen (artwork examples included for darius2d and warriorb)
– « ArcCabView_Neo304 » : it fixes the display size for 304 pixels width NeoGeo games. Also it doubles the horizontal resolution and adds an alternate pixel effect.
– « ArcCabView_xxxx » : special game settings with overscan and offsets already set (mostly here as examples, do you own ones for other games)


The pack contains:
- ArcCabView's BGFX Chains
- Some chain settings examples
- A few artwork examples
- Some pre-configured ini for a few games as examples

As this pack is already "set" please do a clean install!!!!
The folder "artwork\ArcCabView" is requiered to get ArcCabView's BGFX chains working.

Here what you need to set in mame's ini files (when not already done) :
artpath                   artwork

video                     bgfx

filter                    0
prescale                  1

bgfx_path                 bgfx
bgfx_backend              glsl
bgfx_screen_chains        ArcCabView

For me "bgfx_backend" set to "glsl" works really better than the others options. 
For information the d3d9 bgfx_backend is broken with most CRT shaders (don't use it).

Ce pack est disponible ici (pensez à créer un doublons de MAME, plusieurs fichiers écraserons les originaux, il vaut donc mieux créer un MAME-ArcCabView pour utiliser ce shader très spécifique).

A noter qu’une version compilé de MAMEUI est également disponible à cette occasion et à la même adresse, si vous voulez un tout en un directement c’est donc possible.

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