Federelli travail toujours sur son fichier INI pour l’émulateur Nemu64, voici les derniers ajouts :

18/05/04 – v1.63
Changed more comments, added a couple of games. Fixed many typos.
Now the new .ini file is much bigger, i got as far as M, still a long way to go. It’s very demanding, so i’m advancing slowly. What i need is for you guys to check for inconsistencies and typos, once i’ve finished with it, we can work on missing games.

20/05/04 – v1.64
Updated some comments, fixed one game. Fixed 2 typos.
As regards the new .ini file, i got as far as O. And i found an issue… some [!], [o] and [ b] have the same CRC… so far i’ve chosen to put in the .ini the [!], but i’ll edit the readme file to include details about this eventually

En savoir plus…