Il s’agit d’un émulateur de calculatrice TI-Nspire basé sur Nspire Emu de Goplat.
Il prend en charge l’émulation des calculatrices Touchpad, CX CAS et CX ainsi que les versions CX II (/-T/CAS).
Également disponible pour Android, iOS, Linux et MacOS.

New features:
– New dialog for creating Flash images, which is also available in the Mobile UI! (#262)
– Running as 64bit application on Windows is supported now (#234)
– Polish translation is available now (#207)
– CX II (/-T/CAS) calculators can now be emulated (#165)! However, with the current dumping programs you will not get a complete bootrom and booting the OS will fail.
– Multiple files can be sent in the Mobile UI and by dropping them into the main window on desktop (#279)
– Reimplemented emulation speed control: Now it’s more accurate, especially on Windows
– GitHub actions now performs automated builds for Android (armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a in one APK), macOS and Windows (32bit and 64bit) on releases and pull requests (#283, #284, #285)
– The « installer » for OS (and later?) works now. It requires fastboot RAM to persist state across reboots, which is now implemented.
– More accurate emulation of the On button: It’s now possible to enter Press-To-Test mode (#271)
– Faster saving and loading of snapshots (#231)
– More reliable USB file transfers
– The debugger console now includes entered commands in the log
– Support for PIE (position-independent executables) on x86_64. Previously, care needed to be taken that PIE was disabled, otherwise it would crash on start. (#211)
– Building the JIT is disabled automatically if the platform does not support it (#197)
– Firebird builds on FreeBSD now (#228, #248)
– File access on Android got fixed (#202 and its various duplicates)
– Fix placement of keypad buttons in the touchpad area (#41)
– Various fixes for the Mobile UI layout (#201)
– The kit configuration page in the Mobile UI no longer causes the keyboard to pop up by default (#257)
– Connecting with GDB on windows works now (#259, #260)
– Some shades of grey were not displayed properly when emulating pre-CX models (#270)
– Fix crash on AArch64/arm64 when executing certain instructions
– The keypad reacts to touch events in the desktop version as well now (#292, #293)
– Some places were no longer translated correctly after the introduction of language switching in 1.5
– Keys could get stuck on focus changes. Now they’re all released when the keypad loses focus (#287)
– The Ctrl key now changes color when pressed
– Emulation speed no longer remains unlimited after a failed file transfer


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