Forgotten a annoncé l’arret de son travail sur Visual Boy Advance :

Also, as an important notice, I am no longer working on the VBA code and I have transitioned it to kxu, who will keep VBA updated and has already created a Linux GTK GUI for VBA. Please be patient with him in and remember that no emulator is perfect.

Why I am quitting VBA? I had to decide what to do and the emulator was taking too much time and effort from me, that I lost interest in it. I have family, work and other stuff to worry about and I think I’ve done my share of contribution to the emulation scene.

So, help kxu if you can, join the project if you know programming and can help VBA improve.

Le projet est reprit par kxu, en attendant peut etre que d’autre personnes le rejoignent.

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