Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur MSX dont voici les améliorations:

– Added two counters : frames per second and using of CPU resource by the emulator
– Added pause and stop buttons to toolbar
– Added finnish language
– Added support for the different SCC/SCC+ mappers
– Added support for zipped save states
– Added rom type selection dropdown in rom open dialog box
– Updated horizontal stretch
– Correct sprite palette in screen 8
– Fixed bugs with double click on a dsk or rom file : the emulator starts now with this file only (it ejects any inserted cartridges); if blueMSX is already running, the double click will have effect in the existing emulator
– Fixed mouse lock when running at high frequency
– Fixed lockups when running emu and dialogs are moved over emulation
– Fixed bug with property page in full screen mode
– Fixed bug in toolbar update when starting or stopping emulation
– Made switch check boxes in options/emulation not restart emulation
– Fixed VDP bug that made some Namcot MSX1 games fail in screen 1
– Fixed bug in disk patch : it flushes VDP commands correctly (BGV #13 in Disk Station 17 and Rune Master III now show graphics correctly)
– Fixed bug in machine editor dropdowns : clicking outside dropdown does not reset value
– Fixed bugs in the mixer control (position of the balance slider, volume when selecting mono)
– Fixed bugs in sprite emulation and screen 6 horizontal scroll
– Fixed bugs in the graphical interface
– Fixed bug in save states for MSX1 machines

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