Nouvelle version de cet émulateur GB/GBC qui possède une excellente compatibilité. Quelques screenshots du Demotronic Trick ont été posté, je rappel qu’il s’agit du seul émulateur a supporté cette démo.

– Changes:
* Used page flipping so that screen display was less jerky in Windows.
– Bugs Fixed:
* When the same PC was used to link 2 games together, the control was not
responsive. Fixed.
* If sound was not initialised properly (no sound card for example), the
emulation speed was too slow. Fixed.
* If the licensee contained the character ‘&’, the next character would be
displayed underlined incorrectly. Fixed.

Télécharger KiGB (Dos) 2.03 (426,3 Ko)

Télécharger KiGB (Win) 2.05 (440,2 Ko)

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