Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC multi plateforme.


Les changements sont:
– Use symbols for JR,JP,CALL in debug trace
– USB joystick can be used as Joystick 2
– Joystick Fire 3 for Joystick 1 and Joystick 2
– Joystick polling at 25Hz (like real hardware)
– Play a different sound when Drive head reaches the max
– FDC Scan command + dedicated breakpoint
– FDC invalid command calls
– FDC Multi-Track on ReadDiag
– FDC Ready Loss during ReadDiag/ReadData/Format/ScanData
– FDC Head Load/Unload Time management rewritten
– FDC SeekStep/DriveStep engines integrated in Pooling for step accuracy
– FDC pooling command override + pending execution
– FDC pooling resync on executed ReadData/ReadDiag/ReadID
– FDC command overload management
– FDC even more precise stress bypass mode
– FDC GetID accurate timings
– FDC Specify accurate timings
– FDC SenseDrive light up the drive LED
– FDC ScanData, ReadData, ReadDiag and WriteData in FM mode
– FDC ScanData, ReadData and WriteData sector find decision
– FDC WriteData proper bit shift before writing according to PLL
– FDC Calibration/Seek usage of internal registers
– FDC Overrun error skipped on last byte of sector (765A specific)
– FDC Gap2 must be literally ignored when Read/Write
– FDC ReadDiag must ignore 28 bytes after index hole when starting to scan
– FDC Data Separator tolerances distinction between FDC9216 and SED9420C
– FDC Format better H,R results
– FDC DAM synchronization accuracy with non standard MFM structure
– Drive step management not anymore in FDC code
– shutdown audio when displaying help
– bugfix Format ID-CRC calculation
– bugfix SkipBit behaviour
– bugfix unexpected DAM behaviour with ReadData and ReadMark
– bugfix Ready on Gotek without Floppy
– bugfix Multi-Track on ReadData/WriteData
– bugfix Generic 3.5 Motor management
– bugfix Specify Head Load Time uninitialised
– bugfix CRTC 0 for registers 12 and 13 internal update (toms)


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