Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum, pour ce qui devrait être la version finale dont voici les nouveautés :

[-] Problem fixed with restoring AY chip state when .EZX-file loaded.
[-] When loading program which uses only MIC just after program using AY, sound (MIC) was a bit not correct. Fixed.
[*] More accurate changes in MIC sound while changing volume.
[-] When Configuration opened first time on the first page (Keyboard Mapping), the page was not correctly sized. Fixed.
[+] An option added in configuration: « Joystick on at start of emulator ».
[-] When opening another file from anywhere while running program which uses mouse (AMX, Kempston or AY), mouse still did not released in full. Fixed.
[-] When switched to another app or to another interface dialog emulation of mouse was not stop. Fixed.
[*] Wait window with button Cancel added for Disassemble operation. While taking this long operation, IDLE priority set for the emulator process to allow other applications to work normally.
[*] Better Gigascreen: now the emulator desides more smart when to stop gigascreen effect.
[*] Better tape loading (TZX): now autostop/autostart works correctly at tone blocks (in most cases).
[*] Faster tape loading (TZX): most of frames are skept while loading with Fast Tape option on.

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