Le tout premier émulateur NES développé en Java possédant le son via le support d’une API Son Java. Il contient aussi un très bon débuggeur. Il s’agit de l’applet Java. Les améliorations sont:

• 77 new Mappers supported (including fixes to existing Mappers)
• Better Implementation of handling UP+DOWN or LEFT+RIGHT (SmashManiac)
• Embedded NESCafe ROM into the main distribution
• Game Images are stored as DDNB files, which will provide metadata for their content
• Fix to PPU: No longer reset PPU address mode during Vertical Blank.
• Fix to PPU: Reading from VRAM in ppuRead correctly mirrors the Palette memory.
• Remove Processor Interface (speed up)
• Added code to correct incorrectly dumped ROM images (partial implementation).
• Added code to change clock cycles for specific games (such as Battle Toads and SMB3).
• Larger screen sizes are now supported in Applet mode.
• DMC Sound Support
• Applet now reads GIF files from within JAR file
• Can now Load a Saved State from Applet Mode
• Improvements to the SoundInterface (a bit smoother)
• Fixed bug with JoyPad – UP+DOWN or LEFT+RIGHT were not cancelling (SmashManiac)
• Fixed bug in N6502 where Inactive Display was sleeping for 200ms (SmashManiac)

Télécharger NESCafe 1.03 (516,6 Ko)

Télécharger Kymaera (WIN) 2.02 (12,1 Mo)

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