Nouvelle version de cet excellent manager de roms. Pas mal de changements dans cette version que nous propose Roman:

ClrMamePro 3.50 (24-Nov-2004)

– Looks like it’s 2010 and hell freezes over…or an early xmas present…
– Added Set-Subfolder support.
– This includes full scanner/rebuilder/merger/dir2dat set-subfolder support for
zipped and unzipped sets.
– Set-Subfolders? Yes…you can have folderstructures for
rom/samples/diskimages now…something like:

rom ( name namcopac.6j size 4096 crc 7a36fe55 sha1 01b….
rom ( name sub1pacman.5e size 4096 crc 0c944964 sha1 06e….
rom ( name sub1pacman.5f size 4096 crc 958fedf9 sha1 4a9….
rom ( name sub1sub282s123.7f size 32 crc 2fc650bd sha1 8d02….
rom ( name sub1sub282s126.4a size 256 crc 3eb3a8e4 sha1 1909….

Some things you should know:

– You can use / or in the datfile.
– There is no subfolder limit in the datfile….this is limited by your OS.
– The character ‘`’ (chr(96) iirc) is used internally. If you’re using it in
a rom/sample/etc name, it’ll be converted to « ‘ ».
– You can’t have empty folders statements. Tough luck…
– You can have equal files (same crc32 and/or same name) in different folders.
Of course this can cause some trouble when a namechange happens.
– Set-Subfolder support is NOT the same as rompath-subfolder support. Think
about it…you’ll easily see the differences.
– Since samples don’t have size or any hashvalue stored, clrmamepro’s name
check isn’t used for samples. Now combined with samples in a subfolders, you
can run into a missing sample subwav / unneeded sample wav issues.
– Some zipprograms add some special folder entry for subfolders. ClrMamePro
doesn’t and can optionally mark these space-wasting structures as unneeded.
The extra structure is NOT needed and is NOT zip standard anyway.
– Since it’s the first release with set-subfolder support…test it if you
find something suspicious, lemme know. I can’t see all possible sideeffects
by now so it’s your own risk to use it

…and some more whatsnew….

– added: profiler->clear cache button
– misc: improved diskimage unneeded/wrong placed detection
– misc: dir2dat doesn’t include 0-byte files
– misc: rebuilder beep is now a gobal setting
– misc: some minor changes to cache load/save and backupfolder routines
– misc: replaced official buttonbar (old one is available in the buttons folder)
– misc: changed backup behaviour. Only zip backup’ed files if they were
in a zip before. This prevents unneeded chd files from being zipped
– misc: changed rebuilder display from « x rebuilt | y skipped » to « x matched »
since a match doesn’t necessarily mean the file is being created.
– fixed: fixmessagebox doubles the character &
– fixed: rebuilder backup option wasn’t used when working with zipped files.
It used the settings backup..tsk tsk tsk
– fixed: some uncatched exceptions in chd reading routines

En résumé:

– Set-Subfolder support was added. THE most requested thing since years…well…enjoy (and test) it.
– Read the whatsnew.txt file carefully if you’re interested in setsubfolders.
– If you’re a standard Just-MAME user…don’t care…MAME doesn’t use set-subfolders.
– Several other improvements/fixes were made too…take a look at whatsnew.
Feel free to donate 😉

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