Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Magnavox Odyssey 2 (Win & Dos) plus connu en France sous le nom de Philips VideoPac G7000, dont voici les changements:

– Added support for 12kb and 16kb games. Trans American Rally+ works now.
– Added fixes to the VP+ gfx emulation made by Soeren Gust. Flashpoint
works properly now.
– Fixed a bug in the Windows-specific emulation timing code that caused
the emulator to crash when run on a Windows machine which was on for a
few days without a reboot.
– Fixed a bug in the emulation of the DAA instruction, which caused bugs
in the score of several games (Le Tresor Englouti, Cosmic Conflict, etc.).
– Fixed instruction timings (patch by Soeren)
– Modified the palette to use values calculated from the Videopac+ RGB
encoder specs by René van den Enden, instead of guessed values.
– Other minor fixes.

Télécharger O2EM Dos 1.16 (342,1 Ko)

Télécharger O2EM Win 1.18 (259,8 Ko)

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