Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Snes. Il émule déjà des jeux difficiles (qui contiennent des processeurs additionnels dans la cartouche) comme Super Mario RPG Yoshi Island ou Dungeon Master.. En voici les améliorations:

– Added SA-1 Bitmap File Registers and Character DMA Buffer Transfer
– Updated the SA-1 Registers and Memory Mapping
– Added PCB patching to Game Doctor 3 Headers
– Disallowed transfer from WRAM to $2180 and vice-versa for high speed DMA
– Added freeze in CPU execution to each scanline (OPHCT: 135-143)
– Modified Overdump detection to more reliablely identify open architecture
– Extended Database to override cartridge mapping using PCB indentification
– Added Support for BS-X Cartridge Mapping Registers
– Added Header Detection at Bank $40 for ROMs larger than 32Mbits
– Shifted OAM Address Reset to LineBlank/ForceBlank, should fix object corruption in Dungeon Master
– Adjusted the Color Map to produce slightly brighter colours
– Fixed the 65816 Reset to resemble an interrupt
– Fixed Window Handles for some problem Message Boxes
– Fixed NMITIMEN Register – XBand Modem BIOS (U) accidently caused NMI to re-interrupt
– Fixed 20Mbit HIROM Game Doctor file header
– Fixed Super Wildcard Real-Time Save load
– Fixed SRAM Mapping in Game Doctor Mode
– Enabled Game Doctor SF III to Send BackupRAM
– Added Custom Paths for Gamepak, BackupRAM, PNG and State Files.
– Updated readme.txt
– Updated bpsfmt.txt
– Updated sleuth.db

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