Le site officiel de FPSE a été updaté :

ooH what a beatiful day…:)
Bobbi (oh yeah is this your name?) read about 2 times.. ok?

1) (Again) Why my and LDChen account on Emuunlim was disabled.. and Karma and TheGio account works? uh? oh yes software upgrade .. ahhahah

2) Why someone have make moderator luzero, in OUR FPSE FORUM?. I talk with Fox and he tell me He doesn’t know WHO made the change… (oh yes.. software upgrading himself.. ) ahahahha

3) Karma is my friend, I know his on internet about 3 years ago. He is a contributor..but maybe you can read the FPSE console… under FPSE team, there is displayed all the name of contributors or porter.. but you can’t read. you are too lazy… Understand?
The FPSE team is LDCHEN, me and Sapu, the other are porter or contributor.
It’s so complicated to understand? uh?

4) yeah yeah. I’ve some emu friends, that are very friends.. not people that are friends only for interest. Uh?
5) By the way.. Emulare Humanum Est ^_^

.. ah.. Ferrari win again 🙂
and now I’m waiting for Italy at the world cup 🙂
It’s seems that I must replay at tons of post made on some other site.
But I don’t wanna spend more time about this.
Really I don’t like anymore this scene (the Psx emulation scene), and ‘his’ people.
So I’m finally go out (but now it’s true).

Voici un bon point sur la situation actuelle de ce projet…

Site officiel

En savoir plus…