C’est vraiment trop cool de voir à quel point on pense à nous, alors qu’ils auraient pu s’envoyer des mails, NONNNNN !!!! ils préfèrent répondre directement sur leurs sites quitte à devoir attendre la réponse de l’autre pendant des heures !!! vraiment je suis « ému »..

Since Raz wants to play it this way… Raz- This is between you and Guru, NOT me, convince Guru, who has a pile of boards, that your changes are correct, not me, I listen to other members of the dev team, and if you’re so fussy over ‘known incorrect’ information being in the driver I may as well rip the whole XOR thing out because its 100% inaccurate. As stated the reason I froze the driver is because I’m sick of hearing about the whole thing, and really quite inclined just to trash it as its the source of so much controversy, creating further arguments involving me does not help the issue.

There is a fairly normal verification process for external submissions, Guru is in charge of verifying any changes made to board information in the source as the majority of this information was supplied by him. Many submissions of various types have failed to get past the verification stage, nobody gets any kind of special treatment in this regard.

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