olafnes est une amélioration du projet basicnes 2000 (v1.5 [debug level 2]), un émulateur NES créé don jarrett, david finch, et tobias strömstedt.

• rom specifying via the command line is now supported (ex: olafnes c:
• lots of windows/menus changed or renamed
• trying the next mapper when substituting won’t work now when no substitution has been attempted
• fixed the missing ‘left’ configurability for player #1 (reported by: gryphonklaw)
• loading a zip file no longer makes your default rom directory the /temp directory
• zip files are now included in the lists generated in the rom list window
• there’s now a ‘last rom’ window, which provides information about the last rom you’ve played (creates: lastrom.dat)
• ‘config.ini’ accessing targets ‘config.dat’ now, please rename your configuration file

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