Et encore…

ST-V update [Angelo Salese]
-Added a kludge for Astra Super Stars to let it run past a nasty code,
nasty because I highly suspect it’s a sh-2 bug,will be worked out in
the future.
-Added some new vdp2 registers,for example the DISP one for avoid
transitions draws.
-Re-added the layer disable/enable code that I sent in the past which
was lost,and removed the possibility to disable layers with non-debug
-Started to add default eeproms for the various games,for now I’ve hooked
up the one in Shienryu to let it run already with Vertical Switch.
-Added the dynamic clocks,hopefully now 100% working.

TNZS driver update [Nicola Salmoria]
– fixed crash due to code execution across bank cboundary (tnzs36b16yel)
– removed kludges which were required to run Arkanoid 2 (they were just
mirror addresses)
– added sprite banking (same as seta.c). Insecotr X and other were obvoisly
running at 30fps before, now they are ok. Also fixes insectx13b16gre and
– added sprite buffering (not quite the same as seta.c). Fixes kabukiz
sprites and backgrounds, though there might still be a few glitches.
– fixed kabukiz sound

– Correct NeoGeo Mirroring + additional information on coin counters etc. [Razoola]
– Lethal Enforcers updates [Nicola Salmoria, R.Belmont]
uPD7759 rewrite, fixing sound in System 16 games [Aaron Giles]
– Small jalmah.c update to fix a crash [Angelo Salese]
– Fixed Gunsmoke transparency [Nicola Salmoria]

New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

– Kabuki-Z [Nicola Salmoria]


– Karate Blazers (Japan) [Gerald]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING

– Super Trio – background emulation not complete (encrypted tiles?)
sound emulation not complete
– Join ‘Em [David Haywood] – basic driver, not much work done on it yet
– The Couples [Angelo Salese] – basic driver, not much work done on it yet

Site Officiel

Apparemment Neogeo et CpsX ça n’existe pas dans Mame, le jour ou on verra les ajouts de jeux…
Précédemment on avait Metal Slug 4 et KOF2001/KOF2001h d’émulés officiellement, à présent c’est au tour de KOF2002 (et pour ceux qui n’avaient pas compris, tout ceci n’a pas été signalé dans le what’s new).

Pour éviter les problèmes, si vous compiler, penser à faire un ‘make clean’ (ou un suppr /obj ^^).

En savoir plus…