Une nouvelle Beta de ce plugin CDR PSEmuPro aurait du etre disponible, mais la version Windows est encore l’ancienne, par les contre ses sources et la version Linux sont bien a jour… Voici quand même les nouveautées :

– Added RAR support. Same stipulations as the last version – use RAR 2.x, make sure the cue file, cd image, and the archive have the same names. And yes, you still need gobs and gobs of memory (depending on the uncompressed size of the image). Oh yeah, RAR support currently works only in Windows, not Linux.
– A bug with CDDA data where the plugin would crash if it played the end of the last track
– A fix for .SBI subchannel files
– Using the latest FLTK release, which may fix any random window bugs which you may be having…
– A couple of fixes for the Linux FLTK windows-won’t-go-away problem. Not all are fixed, but the main file choosing dialog should work OK now.
– CDDA really does work in Linux (well, i tested it on PCSX) – my sound card sucks =D
– In cue files, it detects the image name better. Previously, it would mess up on some non-standard cue sheets or on image names with spaces in them.
– The source code is commented better

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