Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de MSX dont voici les nouveautés:

– RUMSXEMU.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and must be downloaded.
– RUMSXLNG.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and need to be downloaded for localization-support.
– RUMSXLNX.ZIP (*updated*) contains partially localized versions of RuMSX (french only). In contrast to RUMSXLNG.ZIP the translation is not completed. So these resources are partially english. This file is NOT part of the InstallShield-version.
– RUMSXHLP.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and must be downloaded (it contains RuMSX HTML-help files).
– RUMSXUNI.ZIP (*updated*) contains a trial-version of the RuMSX V0.29 unicode build (MSXW.EXE), which supports world-wide character sets in the single file. A manifest-file to support WinXP styles is included. The unicode-version requires Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP for execution. These files are NOT part of the InstallShield-version.
– RuMSX now supports a « My MSX » folder. This feature is disabled by default and has to be enabled by separate tools!
– ROM-type detection failed for some types if *.ROM file was launched from the Explorer
– Added ROM-type for « Holy Quran »
– Added ROM-type for « Zombie Hunter »
– Added ROM-type for « IDE-Interface » (currently non-functional).
– Added experimental support for SCSI-Interfaces (currently non-functional).
– Fixed « FM-PAC » and « Halnote » ROM-layout
– Fixed (FM-)PAC SRAM mapper, so that it now works with « Laydock2 – Last Attack » too.
– Fixed detection of « SCC+ dummy » ROM
– Fixed « Generic MegaROM (KONAMI4/8 KByte) » mapper (caused problems with ‘Metal Gear’ on MSX2+)
– BugFix: invalid display mode results in 16KB VRAM only (overflow after adress-increment does not enter a new VRAM-page, also the VRAM layout matches screen modes 0(40), 1, 2 and 3).
– « Hunchback » displays its graphic properly now.
– Supporting FS-A1ST Turbo R configuration too (here the MSX-Logo is part of MSX-Music)
– Added C-BIOS configuration (see
– Significantly improved MSX-Help
(MSX-Basic core documentation completed, many other topics are updated and extended)
– MSX1 machines usually don’t have a CMOS-RAM: added « Base MSX » configuration without CMOS, without Disk-ROM and 32KB RAM only (Note: 16KB RAM does not work with all System-ROMs)
– SETUP added additional information for the Add/remove « Software » control panel applet
– New tiny SETUP.EXE uses an Install/Uninstall wizard and adds support for the « My MSX » folder
– SETUP.EXE renamed « RuMSXrom » and « RuMSXtape » keys in the registry to neutral values
– Stabilized debugger (sometimes crashed) and added the ‘RF’ (full register output) command.

Télécharger RuMSX v0.82 (7,8 Mo)

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