Un très bon émulateur PC-Engine, mais hélas il n’est pas gratuit. La démo est limité a 5 Min. Voici les changements de cette release:

– improved sound emulation; better volume envelope and better noise
– new sound interpolation mode : oversampling (x4)
– fixed missing raster colors (Soldier Blade, Power Drift,
Manji Maru, etc…)
– enabled Magic System; improved version with music player
– enabled CD-ROM cache; ‘cache’ and ‘cache_size’ options added
in the pce.ini file
– added keyboard/gamepad support in the sound and video config menus
– enabled mouse wheel support
– fixed screensaver problem
– added back the ‘res_lock’ and ‘esc_key_mode’ options
– added back support for old state files
– added support for CD patch files (PPF); to play YS IV in English 😀
– enabled internal CD-ROM database
– added two buttons in the video config panel to enable/disable
the FPS counter and the volume meter
– improved the speed of the high res mode by about 20%
– fixed Tenchi wo Kurau screen centering

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