Noiuvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST/TT/Falcon dont voici les changements:

We’ve been providing 68040 PMMU (a memory management unit emulation,
required for running FreeMiNT with MMU protection, and Linux/m68k)
since version 0.1.5 (almost three years ago) though this is the first
version of ARAnyM where the PMMU really works, thanks to awesome
debugging and fixing done by Andreas Schwab.

So ARAnyM runs Linux/m68k kernel now. Really. This opens up a new
area of usage – ARAnyM can help developing Linux/m68k kernel and
systems based on it (Debian/m68k, for example).

Besides the PMMU there is a whole lot of new features and fixes:

o multisession CD in IDE emulation
o Win32 networking (TAP based, like in Linux)
o NFOSMESA: OpenGL rendering for Atari applications using host CPU
o NFJPEG: JPEG decoder (a TSR) using host CPU power via NatFeats, based
on Brainstorm’s JPEG DSP decoder API
o direct disk partitions access
o MFP interrupts fixed
o LILO fixes, compiles without linux headers now
o many 64-bit fixes and cleanups
o compiling using the Fink suite on MacOSX
o famous fVDI boot bug fixed
o fVDI fixes in bitplanes
o parallel port mapped to parport (in linux) or to a file
o hotkeys configuration: Setup, Quit, Reboot, Ungrab, Debugger, ScreenShot
and FullScreen hotkeys can be configured at runtime in the SETUP.

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