Nouvelle version pour ce bon frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les nouveautés:

-Added the following columns to the game lists…Graphic, Palette, Orientation, and Frequency. The orientation was previously part of the Display column. NOTE: If you have a favorites list, it will be deleted the first time this MAME Classic is run. You will have to re-create it.
-Fixed a bug that could allow the same game to be added to the favorites list more than once.
-Fixed a bug that would incorrectly report the display of Cyberball (rev 4).
-Fixed a non-critical error that would pop-up when starting to playback a recorded game.
-Fixed an issue where MAME Classic would always return to the center of the screen after exiting from a game even if it was not in the center when you started the game.
-Fixed an issue where the program would crash when trying to display a Windows XP style icon.
-MAME Classic now minimizes while generating a ROMs, Samples, Sets, or MAMEDiff report.
-Modified the way the listinfo.txt is parsed to be compatible with M.A.M.E 0.95.
-The Delete ROM function will now also delete associated files of the selected ROM.

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