Bgb est simplement un excellent émulateur Game Boy.

Emulating hardware behavior for « gin & tonic trick » in the « mental respirator » demo by Phantasy. Fixed the « on blt2: action not supported » problem which happens on some videocards – if it still happens for you, please contact me. Added 24 bpp directdraw support. Made joypad wizard better support « broken » controllers with things like flickering buttons (must press button for 0.5 secs). Added optional screen on startup to tell the user what to do. Added « cpu idle » wait for vblank routine – if it’s not smooth on your pc, disable « reduce cpu usage ». Added support for up to 32 joypad buttons.
1.02 fixed

Télécharger BGB (x86) v1.5.7 (422,3 Ko)

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