Un projet basé sur Gens v2.10. Il ajoute de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

1) Improved SEGA CD ram system,compatible with Gens And Kega Fusion.And just use the shared internal ram carefully.
2) Inproved Display system,maybe a great speed up or a great slow down.Depend on your video card.
3) Inproved stretch system in windowed mode.
4) Recoverd old functions of Gens in menu ,which are inproved DAC and inproved PSG.
5) New Menu organization.
6) Use turbo game key(F4) instead of fram skip shorcuts(F3,F5).
7) Deleted some useless functions.

Télécharger NeoRAGE X v5.2a (Hack) (11,3 Mo)

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